Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So it's been a while ..

So I promised myself that when I started this blog I would constantly update .. well as we can see I havent kept my promise. Well today marks one week from my Cardiac Ablation, things went very well and my recovery time was reallllly fast. I thought it would have taken weeks to recover ! It was awesome to have my Nana, Papa Jack, Ms Joann (my mother in law) my Dad and one of my sisters here .... ! And of course I can't leave out my supportive husband. I became very spoiled while my grandparents were here, I didnt have to do a thing .... if you are reading this I really miss you NANA !!

The Doctor was very pleased with the outcome of the ablation, but I follow up in a couple of weeks so we will see. Its very scary when it comes to your heart, I mean I have had to have more procedures before the age of 25 but I think this was by far the scariest !

While "recovering" Gary and I have made the decision to move out of our apartment into a house, we are going to lease the house to begin with, with the option to buy depending on where these next couple of months lead us !!

Tomorrow we will are headed to NY, for Joann and Rogers wedding. We are so excited to see our "northern" family that we only get to see appoximately twice a year ... !!

Well off to pack for our trip .....

Jessica Morrison .... just loved typing that :)