Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleep ... oh how I miss thee .....

So I have been awake for several hours now and its only 6:46 am :( and I dont even have to be at work today!! For the last week or so I have been unable to sleep. Such a drastic change from before I couldnt get enough sleep.... enough about be being sleep deprived ..
Yesterday was a very LONG day, I worked almost 12 hours wheww and for a pregnant woman that was exhausting!!
Gary and I have been in a HUGE debate about naming our BABIES, I think we have finally made a decision and I cant wait to share with everyone. Friday I have an OB appointment which I am very excited about, I wonder if they will do another ultrasound. I have been so spoiled, its like everytime I go they offer to scan me. Of course I have never turned it down brings tears to my eyes (tears of joy of course) everytime we see them squriming around!!!
Week 15/16 belly bump picture to come .. I have been very slack. Off to make breakfast. I hope everyone has a great day !!