Tuesday, April 5, 2011

20 weeks and COUNTING !!!!

Time seems to really be FLYING by these days ... possibly 16 more weeks to go!! This past week has definitely been the best week so far. Feeling both BABIES kick inside of me has been AMAZING. Its like I feel kicks all over .. or punches maybe, flips. Im not exactly sure what it is but I LOVE it.

This past weekend Stella and Harper recieved tons of new outfits ... I need to start taking pictures of each "set" so that I can share. I cant believe how many outfits are in the closet already ... everytime I see something I feel the NEED to buy. I'm so excited to start organizing their things and preparing for their arrival!

I am definitely showing these days, working with small children that I see on a monthly basis, they remind me just how BIG you're getting Ms Jessica! :) I'm loving it!

We have our 20 week ultrasound this Thursday and we are beyond excitedd. Its amazing to see how much they change each visit. We've definitely been spoiled by all the ultrasounds.

Once the hubby is awake we're going to venture to Buy Buy Baby to start on our closet organizers.

Twin's MOM