Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the countdown begins ...

We've made it ... 35 weeks and counting! We were so excited to go back to the doctor today that we had previously scheduled our appointment at 8:30 this morning! Geez what was I thinking .. I only get up every forty five minutes to use the little girls room and reposition MY 10 pillows. Poor Gar he has had only a little tiny spot in the bed for so LONG now. But we made it !!!Today we were able to see Dr Beck, she will be our "delivery" doctor as well .. as long as we don't have any surprises and they stay put until August 8th! We did have another growth scan and they are think Stella is close to 6lbs and Harper is very close behind her at 5.5 !!! We weren't able to get any good pics ... just side profiles :) Our ultrasound tech says Stella has a head full of hair .. but Harper on the other hand doesn't have any at all ... I guess we will see! With all the heartburn I'd think they were about equal! After the ultrasound we sat in the exam room for quite sometime .. bothered me I thought something might be wrong!! As she busted thru the door she said she had tried to find something wrong .. but NOTHING. Thank you LORD!!!

After the appointment we stopped at Moppets to pick up the rest of Stella and Harper's "coming home" attire!! I absolutely cannot wait to wash it .. iron it .. and pack it :) As we left the OB our doctor did inform us that if our little angels decide to make their appearance we are out of the "instant NICU" range. With that being said there is alot of nesting to do ... 19 days and counting !!!!