Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Passing the Time ...

Once again my days have turned into nights .. and my nights into days. I've had a really hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep ... even if it is just for a couple of hours! I seem to starting waking up around 3 am and fighting to go to sleep until eventually get up at 6.

Today I have a few things on my agenda I would like to accomplish. I seem to have more and more contractions after being up for a while so I am hoping that doesn't happen today :)
So much to do and so little time it seems. Gary's mom will be here on Sunday she is coming for a week to help around the house/get things ready for the twins arrival!

As a continuation from yesterday since I never posted ...
I finally got to meet my friend Cammy's little boy Wyatt, he was precious. Makes me even more ready to meet our sweet babies!!
Yesterday afternoon I went to the grocery store ... first time i think in weeks (poor Gary). I've been trying out this whole coupon thing and it saved us TONS of money (more money to spend on BABY STUFF ) :)
I definitely over did it though and spent a total of 3 hrs on the monitor yesterday afternoon, put it this way want be doing that again. Such a scare to think I was going to have to go in to L & D.
We did get a little surprise in the mail yesterday from Gary's cousins ... OUR MONITOR ... Its funny how all these baby necessities make us SO excited ...

Well off to monitor .. probably will spend the day in my pjs today :)