Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growth Scan ...

Yesterday we had our 30/31 week growth scan .. we couldnt have gotten a better report!! I absolutley cannot believe that there is approximately 7.7lbs of baby inside of me and we still have a ways to go!
Stella 3 lbs 14oz
Harper 3lbs 9oz
We were able to see Dr Moore, we've only seen him one time before when I was hospitalized early in the pregnancy for a kidney infection! I really havent seen a doctor that we dont like! I guess that's very reassuring considering they keep telling me we want have a PLANNED birth :) I'm such a planner :) We were unable to get any pictures .. its like there is absolutely no more room inside my tummy! We were able to see some "body parts" and see their ears etc ... but no face pics :(

Thursday, we go for our C-Section class, I'm worried how nervous this will make me! Gary is so use to Operating Rooms etc. that nothing seems to get him "excited", more like make him as nervous and anxious as I get.

There is so much I want to get done before there arrival, not enough time in the day for this momma! Today, my youngest sister Channing came to stay .. I'm hoping to find something interesting for us to get into so she doesnt get to bored!