Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 days and counting ....

These days I think my brain is in overload, I've even dreamed about packing for the hospital ... I may have made a hundred lists that I cross off daily. I know there couldn't be possibly anything that we wouldn't be able to go without!!!
I guess I always try to over plan/over prepare for everything!

Gary and I had a wonderful first anniversary! He had a little surprise up his sleeve and Saturday we spent the day getting pampered. I had a prenatal massage .. let me say it was amazing ... I thought I might be uncomfortable on the table since I have gotten so HUGE ... but it was so relaxing.. I may try to squeeze one more in before the twins arrive! Sunday we didn't make it to church .. I had tons of contractions that morning and just didn't want to over do it!! We did go to lunch to "Celebrate" but came straight home afterwards .... :)

The last two days have been tolerable ... today I feel like their is a 100lb weight on my stomach .. but I'm getting relief by just laying on my left side. Can I possibly strech anymore???

This week we have our LAST ob appointment ... but we do go next week for pre-op!! I have have had a million plus questions about this c-section but we know everything will be just fine ... I can't wait to hear their first "cries" !! We love them so much already ... every sleepless night .. contraction and night spent in L and D .. were only the beginning of this JOURNEY ..
I'm sure we are going to be filled with such joy .. excitement ... that the rest of the world will not matter. We are so VERY thankful that the Lord has been right beside us through all of this we are so BLESSED !!!