Wednesday, June 15, 2011

.... Contractions ... enough said !!

Today we (me and the MIL) made an unplanned trip to the OB ...

Last night around eight I started feeling really strong contractions and when I say strong I mean unbearable pain. I hooked up to our home monitoring system just to see how many contractions I was having... laying there seemed to be one of the longest hours of my life. About five minutes after I submitted the reading the nurse called back asking me what my pain scale was .... I think I mumbled out about a 7 or 8. She suggested I take my procardia and re monitor ... it was a repeat of the previous reading. Trying not worry I layed down.. tanked down about a gallon of water and then eventually I was comfortable enough to lay down and rest. This morning first thing I hooked up to the monitor and patiently awaited for the nurse to call me back. Not so good news .. to many contractions I needed to go in and be seen. Scared ... just a little .. !

We were able to see Dr Cooke he is by far my favorite doctor and if I have it my way he will be the one to deliver our sweet babies. He "checked" my cervix to tell me I wasn't dilated .. awesome news! He also did a fFN test ... this was my second time having this done ... ! Just received the phone call that the test was negative ... good news! So basically I'm to rest, rest, and rest some more.

Its been really nice having the MIL around to help out with things .. and especially keeping me company watching chick flicks while g is at work!

Tomorrow, my Mom, Jenna, Jack and Channing will be back from their cruise to the BAHAMAS! I really hope they had a blast, and cannot wait to hear all about it!!

Monday we go back for a growth scan, anxious to hear their approximate weights .. I'm saying 3.5lbs each .. we will see!! Well hello 30 weeks ... cant believe we are already 30 weeks !!!