Thursday, July 7, 2011

33 Weeks ..

Yesterday we had our 33 week check up, we were able to see Dr. Laffitte. We've only seen him one other time but we got an awesome report. I have had alot of contractions lately but according to the MD all is well. We didnt have a growth scan we are scheduled for one on July 20th. We're counting down the days to see our sweet babies faces!!

We've had a toss up about the days of the C-section now, yesterday they changed the date to August the 8th (exactly one month from tomorrow).. I guess we will just have to wait until we get a little closer and we get the results of our next growth scan.

I've started packing Stella and Harper's bag for the hospital, and I have gotten a few things together for Mommy and Daddy, so hard to believe it's so CLOSE :)
Nothing else really to report on the TWINS ...

This day three years ago Gary and I went on our very first date .. ahh :) Times have definitely changed but we wouldnt give anything in this world for it!
I have tons of baby clothes to fold and put away .. I must get BUSY :)