Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Milestone ....

..... we've made it to 36 (sigh of relief) weeks!! Today we had our LAST official "OB" visit, we got to see Dr Beck. Just like I have mentioned before she is amazing and if all stays the same she will be the one to bring our little angels into this world! We had our Strep B test ... I was worried but it was a "breeze" to say the least! We were able to have an ultrasound ... but there was little to see. Poor little Harper has very little room .. Stella looks as if she's the boss in there ALREADY !! They gave us an estimate of their weights H-5.5lbs and S-6.13 !! My guess is that they will both be close to 6 at delivery, so at the most 10 days until we know for sure.
As we talked to Dr Beck today .. she reassured me that the c-section will be fine .. and that I will instantly be able to "breath" again, she said its an INSTANT relief. However, she did let me know that I would be very sore the second day and that each day will get better !! I think she could see all the fear in my eyes so she wanted to assure me of what "exactly" I would feel !!

36 weeks and counting ....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12 days and counting ....

These days I think my brain is in overload, I've even dreamed about packing for the hospital ... I may have made a hundred lists that I cross off daily. I know there couldn't be possibly anything that we wouldn't be able to go without!!!
I guess I always try to over plan/over prepare for everything!

Gary and I had a wonderful first anniversary! He had a little surprise up his sleeve and Saturday we spent the day getting pampered. I had a prenatal massage .. let me say it was amazing ... I thought I might be uncomfortable on the table since I have gotten so HUGE ... but it was so relaxing.. I may try to squeeze one more in before the twins arrive! Sunday we didn't make it to church .. I had tons of contractions that morning and just didn't want to over do it!! We did go to lunch to "Celebrate" but came straight home afterwards .... :)

The last two days have been tolerable ... today I feel like their is a 100lb weight on my stomach .. but I'm getting relief by just laying on my left side. Can I possibly strech anymore???

This week we have our LAST ob appointment ... but we do go next week for pre-op!! I have have had a million plus questions about this c-section but we know everything will be just fine ... I can't wait to hear their first "cries" !! We love them so much already ... every sleepless night .. contraction and night spent in L and D .. were only the beginning of this JOURNEY ..
I'm sure we are going to be filled with such joy .. excitement ... that the rest of the world will not matter. We are so VERY thankful that the Lord has been right beside us through all of this we are so BLESSED !!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Year of our LIVES

I can't believe that this time last year we were running around like crazy people to make sure we had the right color table clothes .. that all of our guest from New York had been picked up from the airport ... and stressing majorly about OUR big day!! It was by far the best day of my life .. I married the most loving, caring, supportive man that I never thought I would be Blessed with. He is more than my my husband he is my very best friend .. he has seen me in the last 365 days at my BEST and my very WORSE. He's held my hand though numerous contractions and sat up countless hours at night when I couldnt sleep! I could go on and on about how much he has done for me (without complaining) but for those of you who know him .. you already know that!! I love him with all my heart .. and Harper and Stella are will be even more than blessed to have him as a father!!

I thought we would be on some huge anniversary trip .. but trips and gifts dont even matter. We've been blessed with more than any "anniversary" gift. The thought of meeting our precious son and daughter any day now is far more exciting .. and breath taking!

We hope to eat our anniversary cake in our pj's with take out .. and we wouldnt want it any other way!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blessed ....

Hard to believe this is how it all started ..

Cant wait to touch these tiny little feet ....

Or hold these little legs ...

Brings tears of excitement everytime I see these sweet little faces !!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the countdown begins ...

We've made it ... 35 weeks and counting! We were so excited to go back to the doctor today that we had previously scheduled our appointment at 8:30 this morning! Geez what was I thinking .. I only get up every forty five minutes to use the little girls room and reposition MY 10 pillows. Poor Gar he has had only a little tiny spot in the bed for so LONG now. But we made it !!!Today we were able to see Dr Beck, she will be our "delivery" doctor as well .. as long as we don't have any surprises and they stay put until August 8th! We did have another growth scan and they are think Stella is close to 6lbs and Harper is very close behind her at 5.5 !!! We weren't able to get any good pics ... just side profiles :) Our ultrasound tech says Stella has a head full of hair .. but Harper on the other hand doesn't have any at all ... I guess we will see! With all the heartburn I'd think they were about equal! After the ultrasound we sat in the exam room for quite sometime .. bothered me I thought something might be wrong!! As she busted thru the door she said she had tried to find something wrong .. but NOTHING. Thank you LORD!!!

After the appointment we stopped at Moppets to pick up the rest of Stella and Harper's "coming home" attire!! I absolutely cannot wait to wash it .. iron it .. and pack it :) As we left the OB our doctor did inform us that if our little angels decide to make their appearance we are out of the "instant NICU" range. With that being said there is alot of nesting to do ... 19 days and counting !!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

34 weeks and ALOT in between !

Its definitely been a roller coaster ride of our lives since last week. Monday morning I woke up just not feeling right .. I had a weird feeling that maybe it was time. Gary called my ob and we went to be "checked", while we were there I had a non stress test and I was contracting every couple of minutes. Our ob decided we should go to ob triage for fluids etc .. ! After being there a couple of hours we were discharged. We were then informed our labor will not be aggressively stopped again. Once we were home I could tell Gary was in "panic" mode. I got on the couch to rest and he decided there were a few last minute things he should pick up ....

Tuesday was a whole new day .. I guess after three bags of fluid .. I felt like I could do anything. We finished some of the stuff in the nursery and washed the rest of our sized newborn clothes. We had a quite night on Tuesday not knowing what Wednesday would bring ..

Wednesday we had our 34 week appointment .. we were told we were going to get to have a growth scan even though we werent scheduled for one. We were ecstatic .. sad my mom wasn't there because she hadn't missed an ultrasound but we couldn't wait to hear how big they had gotten and how their development was going. Im not sure if it was just a mothers instinct or what but I could see the panic all over the ultrasound techs face as she measured Baby A .. Harper. The comment was made that he was alot smaller than she expected. I of course felt my eyes start to tear up .. what do you mean ... smaller .. he has always been bigger etc. She went on to measure Baby B Stella. We weren't to sure exactly what to say or what to do ....

We were taken from the ultrasound room to the exam room where we seen Dr Lafitte. As he entered the room I embrassed myself as Gary stood by me. He started off by telling me Harper had only taken two our of eight breaths and the he was measuring in the 12th percentile. Stella was fine she was had taken eight out of eight breaths and she was measuring in the 84th percentile. Everything from that moment on seems to be a blur. Of course Gary kicked into medical mode and started asking tons of questions ... stuff I couldnt even think of ... after tons of explaining we were admitted to Labor and Delivery High Risk. After steroid shots and lots of tears we seen our Maternal and Fetal Doctor Thursday morning. We had a doppler scan .. growth study .. we watched each baby take numerous breaths. It was the best feeling in the world to see them both moving and ok. They couldn't find anything wrong with Harper .. such a blessing. We had been lifted up with so many prayers .. what a relief. I knew there was nothing that God would put us through that we wouldn't be able to handle .. but it was definitely the scariest 24 hours of my life!

We are BEYOND thankful that we have TWO very healthy babies ... and if they decide to make their appearance early we are mentally and emotionally prepared. Surgery and all I am ready to see their sweet little faces and hear them cry for the first time!! I am absolutely head over hills in love with THEM and my supportive husband. Without him and our amazing families I don't know where I would be today ...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

33 Weeks ..

Yesterday we had our 33 week check up, we were able to see Dr. Laffitte. We've only seen him one other time but we got an awesome report. I have had alot of contractions lately but according to the MD all is well. We didnt have a growth scan we are scheduled for one on July 20th. We're counting down the days to see our sweet babies faces!!

We've had a toss up about the days of the C-section now, yesterday they changed the date to August the 8th (exactly one month from tomorrow).. I guess we will just have to wait until we get a little closer and we get the results of our next growth scan.

I've started packing Stella and Harper's bag for the hospital, and I have gotten a few things together for Mommy and Daddy, so hard to believe it's so CLOSE :)
Nothing else really to report on the TWINS ...

This day three years ago Gary and I went on our very first date .. ahh :) Times have definitely changed but we wouldnt give anything in this world for it!
I have tons of baby clothes to fold and put away .. I must get BUSY :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

32 weeks....

Pregnancy Updates ...

Due Date: We scheduled our C-Section for Thursday August 11th!! Whose counting but that's only 41 days away :)

Weeks Pregnant: 32 weeks and 2 days

Weight gain so far: This past week we hit the 30 lb mark ... ah 30 lbs. Never thought I'd be excited about gaining weight but our sweet babies are SO HEALTHY!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: I have now experienced the pain of carpal tunnel, ouch! Sleeping in a wrist splint has really helped. It comes and goes .. the tingling sleepy sensation that I am getting only in my right hand! As far as any other symptoms sleep seems to be an issue some nights but not every night! I guess we will be very prepared for those late night feedings!

Cravings: No crazy cravings... last Friday I think I would have done anything in this world for Cheese Puffs .. yes Cheese Puffs! Thankfully my sweet husband didn't hesitate when I mentioned them and in a matter of minutes he was back with a LARGE bag of puffs :)

Sleep: Good with 10 pillows ... I think Gary may have a couple of inches to sleep on once Me .. and the PILLOWS make it to bed!

I can't live without: My AMAZING husband, he's been absolutely wonderful this entire pregnancy .. I didn't expect anything else though.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach :)

What I'm looking forward to: Aug 11th of course and this weekend .. Gary's birthday is July 5th, so we plan to "Celebrate" this weekend !!

Goals for the upcoming week(s): Decide on a breast pump .. enough said!!

.... Tomorrow my mom and I plan to do some "shopping" (as much as this pregnant woman can handle) to pick up some more STUFF for Stella and Harper :)
Well I'm off to get ready for a day at the pool with my awesome sisters ... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ... and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY :)