Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blah .. Blah ...

Thoughts before our 32 week OB appointment .....

I absolutely cannot believe how fast time seems to be flying by these days .. we are currently 32 weeks pregnant .. WOW 32 weeks :) I can't believe that at the most we have six weeks until we are able to HOLD Harper and Stella.

This weekend we had our third shower ... our house currently looks like we are possibly having more than two children ... our downstairs now consists of pack'n'plays.. swings... bassinetts, boppys basically you name it and its here! I am so very greatful for my amazing family and friends. These babies are loved so much already :)

Our nursery is almost completely finish ... a couple of last minute things to do and we are DONE ... I can't wait to post pictures!

I'm currently trying to figure out EXACTLY what we all we need to pack in our bags for our hospital stay .... Our C-Section class was very informative .. a little more detailed than our OB hospital tour. I definitely got a little nervous :) I don't know why, I've had tons of surgeries (nothing im proud of) I've just never had a spinal or been awake for any of the procedures ....

I'm bored if you can't tell ... well we are off to our weekly OB appointment .. hoping for a good report!! Maternity pictures with Linsey Wilson Photography tonight :) cant wait!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growth Scan ...

Yesterday we had our 30/31 week growth scan .. we couldnt have gotten a better report!! I absolutley cannot believe that there is approximately 7.7lbs of baby inside of me and we still have a ways to go!
Stella 3 lbs 14oz
Harper 3lbs 9oz
We were able to see Dr Moore, we've only seen him one time before when I was hospitalized early in the pregnancy for a kidney infection! I really havent seen a doctor that we dont like! I guess that's very reassuring considering they keep telling me we want have a PLANNED birth :) I'm such a planner :) We were unable to get any pictures .. its like there is absolutely no more room inside my tummy! We were able to see some "body parts" and see their ears etc ... but no face pics :(

Thursday, we go for our C-Section class, I'm worried how nervous this will make me! Gary is so use to Operating Rooms etc. that nothing seems to get him "excited", more like make him as nervous and anxious as I get.

There is so much I want to get done before there arrival, not enough time in the day for this momma! Today, my youngest sister Channing came to stay .. I'm hoping to find something interesting for us to get into so she doesnt get to bored!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

.... Contractions ... enough said !!

Today we (me and the MIL) made an unplanned trip to the OB ...

Last night around eight I started feeling really strong contractions and when I say strong I mean unbearable pain. I hooked up to our home monitoring system just to see how many contractions I was having... laying there seemed to be one of the longest hours of my life. About five minutes after I submitted the reading the nurse called back asking me what my pain scale was .... I think I mumbled out about a 7 or 8. She suggested I take my procardia and re monitor ... it was a repeat of the previous reading. Trying not worry I layed down.. tanked down about a gallon of water and then eventually I was comfortable enough to lay down and rest. This morning first thing I hooked up to the monitor and patiently awaited for the nurse to call me back. Not so good news .. to many contractions I needed to go in and be seen. Scared ... just a little .. !

We were able to see Dr Cooke he is by far my favorite doctor and if I have it my way he will be the one to deliver our sweet babies. He "checked" my cervix to tell me I wasn't dilated .. awesome news! He also did a fFN test ... this was my second time having this done ... ! Just received the phone call that the test was negative ... good news! So basically I'm to rest, rest, and rest some more.

Its been really nice having the MIL around to help out with things .. and especially keeping me company watching chick flicks while g is at work!

Tomorrow, my Mom, Jenna, Jack and Channing will be back from their cruise to the BAHAMAS! I really hope they had a blast, and cannot wait to hear all about it!!

Monday we go back for a growth scan, anxious to hear their approximate weights .. I'm saying 3.5lbs each .. we will see!! Well hello 30 weeks ... cant believe we are already 30 weeks !!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PJ Day ....

I have showered and put PJ's back on and that completes my DAY !! Today has been such an exhausting day and I have done absolutely nothing! The closer the time gets the more EXHAUSTED this baby mama seems to be. Good report from home monitoring today I only had one contraction in the hour I monitored ... compared to the 5-8 I have been having ... yay!

Gary has the next three days off and I couldn't be more excited !! Tomorrow we hope to get some more things done around the house, I have a "HONEY DO" list that I hope (we) HE is able to complete before the twins arrival!!

Today my Nonna came and cleaned our entire house! So sweet of her :) Absolutely cannot wait to crawl into our clean sheets .. and hopefully have a full nights sleep!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Passing the Time ...

Once again my days have turned into nights .. and my nights into days. I've had a really hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep ... even if it is just for a couple of hours! I seem to starting waking up around 3 am and fighting to go to sleep until eventually get up at 6.

Today I have a few things on my agenda I would like to accomplish. I seem to have more and more contractions after being up for a while so I am hoping that doesn't happen today :)
So much to do and so little time it seems. Gary's mom will be here on Sunday she is coming for a week to help around the house/get things ready for the twins arrival!

As a continuation from yesterday since I never posted ...
I finally got to meet my friend Cammy's little boy Wyatt, he was precious. Makes me even more ready to meet our sweet babies!!
Yesterday afternoon I went to the grocery store ... first time i think in weeks (poor Gary). I've been trying out this whole coupon thing and it saved us TONS of money (more money to spend on BABY STUFF ) :)
I definitely over did it though and spent a total of 3 hrs on the monitor yesterday afternoon, put it this way want be doing that again. Such a scare to think I was going to have to go in to L & D.
We did get a little surprise in the mail yesterday from Gary's cousins ... OUR MONITOR ... Its funny how all these baby necessities make us SO excited ...

Well off to monitor .. probably will spend the day in my pjs today :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

We had yet another GREAT weekend! Gary had to work on Saturday so my mom and I spent the day running around getting stuff for the nursery/stuff for their cruise. :) Wish Gary and I were able to go, but next year we will be able to take Stella and Harper on our family vacation!
I still feel like the nursery needs some decor. We found some fabric that matched our bedding so we are having some pillows made for our glider. (Can't wait to pick them up Saturday)! Linsey also had a cute idea for something to put on the wall behind each of their beds .. once we pick those up, I will definitely post pictures/details !!

Sunday we had our first SHOWER, we had the shower with Gary's family/friends over skype since we were unable to fly there. His Aunt Janet spent lots of time and hard work to make it such a huge success. It was really neatthey all shipped their gifts here and we hooked up our laptop to our TV in our living room so everyone could watch. My mom and Nonna were able to come along with me and G of course !!
Here are some of our awesome gifts/pictures VIA SKYPE :)

Our Surprise Bassinets :)

Clemson Outfits !!

Hot/Cold Rubber Duckies :)

Burp Cloths ...

Mom, Me and Nonna - Looking really big these days =)

xoxoxo :)
I have a TON of pics I could post ...