Tuesday, March 29, 2011

.... Busy MOM

Its been a very eventful couple of weeks ....

Mom and Jack celebrated their anniversary on March 18th so we all had a MINI vacation to Myrtle Beach. Gary was unable to go because of his work schedule ... BOOO!! We had had a blast though ... Mom and I are very consumed into baby shopping now so we shopped for hours at the Carter's outlet. I will have to take some picture to show Harper and Stella's cute outfits !

Last Tuesday, Gary and I spent the whole day cleaning. I mean could I possibly be nesting already? We cleaned our carpets and prepared for the delivery of our baby furniture ...

This past Friday March 25th was Linsey's Birthday :)

Elizabeth, Me and Linsey at the Olive Garden.....

Gary and I went to Linsey's "Half of a Century" party Saturday night at Compadres ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleep ... oh how I miss thee .....

So I have been awake for several hours now and its only 6:46 am :( and I dont even have to be at work today!! For the last week or so I have been unable to sleep. Such a drastic change from before I couldnt get enough sleep.... enough about be being sleep deprived ..
Yesterday was a very LONG day, I worked almost 12 hours wheww and for a pregnant woman that was exhausting!!
Gary and I have been in a HUGE debate about naming our BABIES, I think we have finally made a decision and I cant wait to share with everyone. Friday I have an OB appointment which I am very excited about, I wonder if they will do another ultrasound. I have been so spoiled, its like everytime I go they offer to scan me. Of course I have never turned it down brings tears to my eyes (tears of joy of course) everytime we see them squriming around!!!
Week 15/16 belly bump picture to come .. I have been very slack. Off to make breakfast. I hope everyone has a great day !!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a BOY and a GIRL

Gary and I had a very exciting weekend.. Friday night I could hardly sleep, we were scheduled for a 4D ultrasound Saturday at 9:00 to determine the gender of ours BABIES!! Saturday morning FINALLY came and of COURSE I hadnt been sick in several days ... it was back the morning sickness started all over again!! I was sick, very sick. Maybe it was anxiety .. because of the ultrasound! Eventhough we have had several "GUESSES" of what the twins might be ... we would know for sure this day!!

These are a few pictures from ultrasound :

Harper Morrison

Stella Morrison

Weeks 5 thru 15

So I cant seem to catch up all the weeks that I have missed "BLOGGING". So i am going to try to sum up the last ten weeks in one post...

Weeks five thru twelve were crazy. I have never been so sick in my life. Who knew that being pregnant could make you loose 12 lbs. It didnt matter what time of day it was or what I ate .... I woke up throwing up and went to bed throwing up .. But seeing our sweet babies at almost every ob visit made throwing up for hours before the visit worth it ...

I seem to get my weeks mixed up but between weeks twelve and thirteen I started feeling worse .. not just throwing up ... It was a Sunday afternoon and I felt like I could hardly move. I woke up early that Monday morning and headed straight to the OB. After blood work and urine cultures I found out I had a kidney and bladder infection, I was admitted to the LABOR and DELIVERY floor!! Talk about SCARY, but I kinda think it was a true reality check for whats to come !!