Friday, July 1, 2011

32 weeks....

Pregnancy Updates ...

Due Date: We scheduled our C-Section for Thursday August 11th!! Whose counting but that's only 41 days away :)

Weeks Pregnant: 32 weeks and 2 days

Weight gain so far: This past week we hit the 30 lb mark ... ah 30 lbs. Never thought I'd be excited about gaining weight but our sweet babies are SO HEALTHY!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: I have now experienced the pain of carpal tunnel, ouch! Sleeping in a wrist splint has really helped. It comes and goes .. the tingling sleepy sensation that I am getting only in my right hand! As far as any other symptoms sleep seems to be an issue some nights but not every night! I guess we will be very prepared for those late night feedings!

Cravings: No crazy cravings... last Friday I think I would have done anything in this world for Cheese Puffs .. yes Cheese Puffs! Thankfully my sweet husband didn't hesitate when I mentioned them and in a matter of minutes he was back with a LARGE bag of puffs :)

Sleep: Good with 10 pillows ... I think Gary may have a couple of inches to sleep on once Me .. and the PILLOWS make it to bed!

I can't live without: My AMAZING husband, he's been absolutely wonderful this entire pregnancy .. I didn't expect anything else though.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach :)

What I'm looking forward to: Aug 11th of course and this weekend .. Gary's birthday is July 5th, so we plan to "Celebrate" this weekend !!

Goals for the upcoming week(s): Decide on a breast pump .. enough said!!

.... Tomorrow my mom and I plan to do some "shopping" (as much as this pregnant woman can handle) to pick up some more STUFF for Stella and Harper :)
Well I'm off to get ready for a day at the pool with my awesome sisters ... Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ... and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY :)