Friday, November 12, 2010

Days and Nights ....

Well today marks the fourth day in a row I have been home and away from the rest of the world. Monday I went to work with a runny nose and head ache ... little did I know that I would go to the Dr on Tuesday to find out I had MONO :( YES that horrible four letter word that everyone in the doctors office cringed at the tought of. I never thought it was possible to sleep for almost 48 hours straight but I did. I think the only time I moved off the couch was to make myself drink Gatorade to try and stay hydrated.

Today marking the forth day I managed to shower AND SHAMPOO my hair ... yes I said that right even bathing everyday was exhausting. Hoping that this "virus" will be over with soon even though people say that you tend to feel better and then you have a "RELAPSE". Lets pray I don't have one!!

When Gary said the vow's in sickness and in health ... I feel like he bit off a little more than he can chew !! This year by far has been the best year of my life .. even if I have been hospitalized, had a heart ablation , and now MONO ... thank goodness its November and hopefully the sicknesses are OVER with.

I have had the best support system ever ... and the BEST husband ever. I really don't where in the world I would be without him .. He is one AMAZING man !!