Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Month ....

It still amazes me how fast time seems to fly by these days... My afternoons turn into nights and mornings and before I know it Monday turns into Friday. Today marks exactly one month since Harper and Stella's birth. I can't believe it I'm a mother to one month old TWINS :) These last couple of weeks have definitely been a roller coaster experience. I'm going to completely try to go off off memory and write something about each week....

Week One- Well Daddy was still home from work we also had tons of help from my mom "granna". Both babies umbilical cords came off 7 days to be exact. We had two visits to our pediatrician this week ( both great check ups)

Week Two- Granna spent the entire week with us, Daddy worked two 7pm-7am shifts we managed just fine!

Week Three- Mommy was able to handle us all on her on during the day while Daddy worked. Linsey and Shelly both came to visit us and to help Mommy of course ...

Week Four- Kind of a blur daddy had a lot of time off this week so he let Mommy rest as much as possible!

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