Friday, September 23, 2011

Tummy Time ...

Today has been an eventful day already and its not even close to being over yet! We started our day at 5 am .. yes 5 am both sets of eyes were wide awake and ready for our day to begin. I had my six week post op appointment this morning, and I had an awesome report. Back to old my self again and ready to "workout". Thats if I have time .. ha ha time with twins thats an under statement. I actually might sign up for a "stroller stride" mommy class. The class meets three times a week .. It would be great we will see how it goes ...

We also had a few visitors today, my sister and her best friend Abby came to visit and to eat lunch. My Nonna was also here she comes once a week to help out .. she has been amazing. She helps cook, clean, feed babies, sterilize bottles.. whatever needs to be done! I always countdown each week for her next visit!!

This weekend Daddy has to work again ... sigh. I know two weekends in a row is a HUGE bummer but its a day shifts! My Mom will be here im sure both days and hopefully we can get out and about .. possibly do a little shopping. Retail therapy is a MUST!

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